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Though I have in fact been to work, the entire day has been ruled by snow, which has always been a spiritual messenger for me.

Eventually I got sent home early which was fortuitous as it is Imbolc! It has given me time to sit and do my rituals, send my wishes out into the universe, and connect with my spirit.

My little boy loved it too!

He and I share a special bond with snow. When I was born, it snowed on the day my mum brought me home from hospital – even though that was in June. When I found out I was carrying Daniel, it snowed there and then – it was in December, but in saying that, it was the only time it snowed that winter where I live. So to me it is magical and sacred…and it looks like Daniel feels the same…


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Some of my posts will be retrospectives, particularly at times when I am on a plateau and there may not be much to say.

I have a lot of memories to record, so I will work on it over time.

My previous post made me think of a poem I wrote back in 2004 and I thought it best to post it while it was on my mind.

A Muse

Heart and soul, you touch me

Regardless of whether or not you’ll ever know

I have been breathing you

Turned on the lights in my darkened life

And never again will I stand to be kept in the dark

My light smothered, my spirit closed

A free spirit now you released me

Tremble as you whisper in my ear

Though it’s not really you at all

Your energy comes over me

Like a ghost with good intentions

Constant love reaches between us

A stream created by a spiritual mystery

Know that I send you my love and light

And hope for everything you wish for

A sudden charge, a shock, a flash of energy

Finally hands me back my power

And I step in confident and beautiful and alive

Truly in my own power

I have only been a ghost of myself for too long

Your magnificence is my inspiration, my motivation

Your distant soul my safe haven

And beside you I disappear

Into an obscurity I am happy to be lost in

Endlessly share your beauty

It lights fires in the hearts and minds of many

And makes me free to dream

Wherever that world is where you lose yourself

To follow for a glimpse, I would gladly

You already showed me

A new way to be.

Copyright: 31/10/04

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