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I never cared for it much even back in the days when we sang it in high school choir, but the song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” keeps popping up in my life.

Back in December, towards the end of what was essentially a tough year, one night I spontaneously started singing this song in the kitchen while I was making a cup of tea. I hadn’t heard the song anywhere, it just randomly popped to mind.

The weird thing was, the very next day I was speaking to a customer on the phone at work and I noticed that his email address was based around the song, with the main part of it being “sweetchariots”.

The even weirder thing was, a few of my friends who frequent a spiritual forum I lead had spontaneously begun singing the song within a couple of days of this happening to me. The coincidence therefore prompted a lot of discussion between us about what message the universe was trying to deliver. We looked into the origins of the song and found it was historically related to the Negro slave trade and was a song of the “underground railroad” – a group which secretly, strongly strived for freedom – and the song was a call to freedom, or a call to arms, a call to fight for freedom.

We concluded that the message, or sign, for us was that better times were coming, and perhaps somebody would come into my life and help me in some way.

Another weird coincidence there is that back in 2007 a TV psychic did a mini past life reading for me and told me in one of my previous lives I had been a Negro slave!!

What I am leading up to is, I went to choir tonight after 2 weeks off following the illness and subsequent death of my father, and we have a number of new songs to learn. One of them is the “Swing Low Medley” – a beautiful harmonic intermeshing of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, “When The Saints Go Marching In” and a ditty called “Rolling Along”.  I don’t believe in coincidence at the best of times but this is just ridiculous – I think the song must be some kind of theme for me.

I sing alto and we are singing the “Rolling Along” part. I wonder if there is further meaning in that for me?

“Rolling along, singing my song, devil is after me, chariots of fire, songs reaching higher, I know he won’t catch me.”

Interpretations welcome! Personally, I take from it that…

1. It’s ok to be on a plateau once in a while. Slow and steady wins the race.

2. Music is and will continue to be my rock.

3. Everything will be ok in the end.

On a slightly separate note, we had to take our little old cat to the vet’s today. On the way home, we got stuck in traffic, and part of the number plate of the car in front read “DAD”. I was only yesterday waxing lyrical on my forum about how I felt he has stayed with me as some kind of guide. Perhaps this was his confirmation of that. I would like to think so. 😉

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